A team from EIB, Rumen Markov and Solomon Passy discussed procedures for financing the Danube-Aegean Motorway

The project for the new Danube-Aegean motorway was a key point in the discussions at an official meeting held in Luxembourg on 10.02.2020, between the Vice-President and a member of the Board of the European Investment Bank Lilyana Pavlova, the manager of Large Infrastructure Projects Rumen Markov and the President of the Atlantic Club in Bulgaria Dr. Solomon Passy.

The meeting was also attended by experts from the European Investment Bank, who discussed specific issues regarding the possibilities and conditions for applying for EIB financing for the major infrastructure project.

The  Danube-Aegean motorway will be a part of the main Trans-European transport network (TEN-T) in Bulgaria, in accordance with EU Regulation 1315/2013 and will connect two TEN-T corridors: „Rhine-Danube” and “Orient / Eastern Mediterranean”. Its main purpose is to lead the transit automobile traffic flow of goods and passengers on a new, modern infrastructure from Europe to the countries of the Middle East.

Large Infrastructure Projects have proposed the creation of a new Aegean-Baltic TEN-T corridor, part of which will be the Danube-Aegean Motorway.

In Bulgaria, the motorway will start at the Danube Bridge in Rousse, it will cross the North-South direction through the Passage of the Republic and will end at the Aegean Sea side in Greece.

The Danube-Aegean Motorway will provide the highest level of transport services between the regions in Central Bulgaria and will guarantee a serious growth in the development of the Bulgarian economy.

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