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Large Infrastructure Projects initiated the ABC+De project which was developed as the missing TEN-T Corridor in Eastern Europe between the Aegean Sea and the Baltic Sea, from South to North. It also includes the river Danube from Germany well down to its delta.

The Danube – Aegean Sea Motorway is just another sub-project within the extensive ABC+De project. Fast and effective, ABC+De is a true Pan – European initiative. It is entirely based on economic profitability models and thrives for growth of the real European economies.

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ABC+De stands for Aegean to Baltic Sea Connection & DanubeEconomic viability comes first.

Since 2012, we have tirelessly been working on the project, which combines two main transportation corridors of great value: a new transportation artery in Eastern Europe & converting the River Danube into a real corridor.

New Aegean - Baltic TEN-T Corridor

This is the missing and yet necessary TEN-T Corridor that will ensure economic growth for some of the most underdeveloped regions of the EU.


Two new maritime ports on the Aegean and the Baltic Seas changing the transportation patterns in Europe.

South – North Stream Railway Line (SNS)

A high-speed rail line from the Aegean Sea to the Baltic Sea for freight and passenger transportation construing an innovative Single European Railway Area.

Multimodal Logistic Centers

Using the benefits of and combining the diverse modes of transport for both passengers and delivery of freights from door to door through new high – tech logistic centres.


This is a network of motorways that will allow to travel freely by car from the Baltic region to the Aegean Sea. 

Danube River

Management of the Danube River and its tributaries reducing the negative impact of climate change and turning the waterway into an efficient transportation Corridor.

Investing is a joint responsibility

Investment & Partnerships

We are actively looking for new partnerships and investment modes in order to perform our projects and reach our goals. Whether you are a bank, an investment fund, a private firm or a state company, agency or governmental body, building strong alliances is important for a shared success by all.

Investing in our projects with financial resources, time, know-how, support or other forms of cooperation will benefit not only your organisation or company, but also you as an individual, the people around you including the entire local communities we try to generate more work opportunities for through new business models at a larger scale.

Latest News


Large Infrastructure Projects took part in the TEN-T CEF Conference on 28 March 2019.   The event was co-organised by the European Commission, Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport, together with the

Large Infrastructure Projects will attend the Three Seas Initiative Summit 2019

The Three Seas Initiative is a flexible political platform at Presidential level, launched in 2015. The Initiative includes the 12 EU Member States located between the Adriatic, the Baltic and the

abc+De project

Purchasing Power in Europe

Social Entrepreneurship

The ABC+De is a visionary project for Europe aiming at societal prosperity. We are a socially aware private organisation whose mission is to creatively provide solutions to transportation and urban problems from a bottom up perspective – the end user, commuter, logistic company, private enterprise. Solving long persisting ecological problems and  creating a sustainability model for a number of generations, we believe that the private initiative in all activities of life have to nearly always precede the governmental and supra-governmental ones.          

Innovations in the ABC+De Project

Innovations is a major driving force at Large Infrastructure Projects

By solving transportation and freight issues through Innovations, our strategy also emphasises on the ecological, social and cultural impact of our projects. 

The Innovations used in the ABC+De project will contribute to the EU principle for freedom of movement and higher mobility. 

These innovations are technical, engineering, organisational, and others. You can contact us to learn more.

Long freight trains

Up to 1800 meters long

High speed trains

Freight – 200 km/h
Passenger – 400 km/h

High capacity freight trains

275 TEUs
720 new produced cars
Weight: up to 8500 t

Driverless trains

Automatic / High - Technology


Both TEN-T and TEN-E Corridor

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