The ABC+De project aims to connect via motorways and roads the North Eastern and the South Eastern parts of Europe so that driving by car from the Baltic region to the Aegean Sea becomes an everyday reality. Today, this direct trajectory is very difficult to be realised - to say the least, because motorways are scarce, non-existing or not connected as of yet. Therefore, this renders the trip tedious and time consuming, and being one obliged to go through Central Europe first and then go back to and in direction of the first destination. A list of some of the motorway projects is included below. One of the first projects we are having as a goal to implement first is the ‘Danube – Aegean Sea’ Motorway.

Danube – Aegean Sea’ Motorway

Direction North – South:

  • Central, East and North Europe connection with the Middle East, Turkey, and Greece.
  • АМ А1 and А2 in Romania to connect with the Bulgarian motorways Hemus, Trakia, Maritsa and afterwards with А2 Egnatia Odos in Greece.
  •  Connection with main roads East – West with the motorway North – South.
  • Romanian border with Bulgaria:
    The good news is that there is no need to build a new bridge at Ruse.
    Instead, a better organisation at the bridge is absolutely required.
  • Greek border with Bulgaria:
    What’s bad  is that the MAKAZA straight in Bulgaria will be clogged up with kilometers and kilometers of Romanian holiday makers during their ordeal to reach the beautiful Greek beaches. 

Advantages of the new ‘Danube – Aegean Sea’ Motorway. It will eliminate:

Severe Traffic paralysing the Bulgarian - Romanian frontier.
The negative impact of the transit flow of motorways over the population of Ruse.
Problem free passing through ‘Bulgaria’ Boulevard and the access to public transport in the East industrial zone.

Multimodality along the ‘Danube – Aegean’ Motorway

  • Strong multimodality units  are envisaged in the living areas of the Municipality of Gorna Oriahovitsa.
  • From very poor, the municipalities of Veliko Tarnovo, Gorna Oriahovitsa and Liaskovets will become part of an economic formation that will quickly develop into an industrial zone with an EU significance.
  • ‘Danube – Aegean Sea’ Motorway is the main vertebra of the transportation system that will induce this economic growth.

Ecoducts along the ‘Danube – Aegean’ Motorway

‘Danube – Aegean Sea’ Motorway: Price, VAT excluded

‘Danube – Aegean Sea’ Motorway: Income and ROI

Danube – Aegean Sea’ Motorway: Financing, Implementation and Exploitation

  • PPP

Grants: Private / Donor

A list with most of the motorway projects included in the ABC+De project comes below

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